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The 20 Most Important Questions on a College Tour
The 20 Most Important Questions on a College Tour
A practical guide to removing the stress and fear from the college search process.

Scheduling a College Tour Seems So Simple…

Schedule IconYou visit a website and select your dates. You make the hotel reservation, take the journey and prepare a few questions. The rest will come to you as you’re exploring the campus, right? Then, it happens. After circling the parking lot in search of an empty space almost a mile from campus, you’re shuffled away with a college tour guide and dozens of other prospective students and parents like yourselves. You’re herded from here to there on foot faster than you can stop and smell the cafeteria. Parents fight for the opportunity to ask questions over each other. Prospective students are too busy checking out their phone screens, and then, it’s over. Did you get to ask that question that was so important? You can’t remember. You’re exhausted and relieved to see your hotel room. On the next tour, the process repeats itself.

That experience is common among thousands of families visiting thousands of colleges each year, and it’s precisely why we developed this guide. Calm the chaos of any college tour and reveal the secret questions you didn’t know to ask. 

There are incredible ways you can maximize your tour experience at every college campus. High Point University knows. We not only provide a much better tour experience than the one described on the previous page, but we’ve also been thanked by many families for offering a personalized tour option that they didn’t find on other campuses. You’re about to make one of the biggest investments of your family’s life. Right now, the best thing you can do is know which questions to ask during the tour – questions no one could possibly know to ask until they’ve already toured dozens of campuses. This guide breaks down the questions for both students and parents, so take it with you! By asking these questions, you’ll get the answers your family needs while also being the most prepared and knowledgeable people on the tour. We wish we could be there to watch you shine!

Be Prepared. Be Extraordinary.

Don’t Forget to Ask…

Coming to Campus?
We've Got You Covered!
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Take notes and photos of the campus as you go. You think you’ll remember the details when it comes time to compare, but you’ll be shocked by how much you want to see the campus again. Be sure to pose for a photo with your personalized campus parking space! It will always serve as a memory for when you first visited your university home.

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Exchange information with your tour guide and personal admissions counselor for follow-up questions.

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Visit the campus bookstore to see how the school’s spirit suits you.

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Grab a meal! Four years on a college campus means four years of eating on that campus. You want to make sure you love the food.

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Make sure you see a freshman dorm room. After all, this will be your new home!

See for yourself what an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people looks like.
Want to Experience the Best University Tour?
Want to Experience the Best University Tour?
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