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Tips for Homeschooled Applicants
Students in Slane at High Point University
Tip #1
At High Point University, we understand the value of home education.  Our experience has shown homeschooled students to be well-rounded individuals with a solid foundation and a mind for learning.  While proof of graduation and final transcripts are required of all entering freshman, High Point requires no additional paperwork from homeschooled applicants.  We trust parent-generated transcripts and see no need for students to submit GRE or SAT II scores.  If you would like to reference a sample homeschool transcript, please click here.
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Tip #2
During the admissions process, High Point University takes great interest in analyzing applicants' course rigor.  This is one of four main elements that we consider when making admission decisions.  By providing thorough information on course curriculum and commitment, homeschooled applicants will find themselves at no disadvantage in this process.  Having detailed information on the transcript will enhance our potential to recognize an applicant's course rigor and will allow our academic advisors to better assist students in choosing classes once admitted.  High Point University supplies a Counselor Report form as part of the application process.  This form is optional for homeschooled applicants and may be completed by parents in order to outline their homeschool philosophy if desired. To view and print a blank homeschool transcript form, please click here.
High Point University Students by Fountain
Tip #3
High Point University prides itself in having a student body with comprehensive character.  Holistic education is key at HPU and we believe that education happens far beyond the classroom.  Our students stay involved with a range of sports, clubs and campus activity teams.  Homeschooled applicants should take opportunity to boast their extracurricular activities on their transcript and within their application as this has potential to further increase their index within our applicant pool.
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Tip #4
High Point University is a wonderful place to be, and may just be the most beautiful, state-of-the-art campus you have ever seen.  We aim to be a WOW! school in every sense, but first and foremost, we aim to be WOW! in our academics.  The future of High Point University rests on the shoulders of our top students.  In order to help them realize just how special they are to us, we invite them to participate in our Presidential Scholarship program.  This series of interviews allow incoming students to compete for various levels of scholarships, even up to covering full tuition!  Homeschooled applicants are encouraged to apply to this program as soon as they have submitted their application for admission.  For more information, please visit
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Tip #5
High Point University respects homeschooled students to the degree that we even provide an Admissions Counselor to serve homeschooled students specifically. Mikaela Olmsted is the main point of contact for homeschooled students and can be reached at or (336) 841-9528. Utilize this source as you become familiar with our school or have questions about the admissions process.
You Are Meant to be Extraordinary
Students embark on a one-of-a-kind journey when they enroll at HPU. Through experiential learning, students begin to develop their portfolios and relationships with professors who embody a growth mindset. At HPU, you can expect to develop life skills, foster your values, build character, gain practical experience and expand your knowledge through academic excellence.
Contact the Office of Admissions
One University Parkway High Point, NC 27268
Daily from 8:30am — 5:00pm.