How do I get involved? Do I have to join Greek life to make friends? We’ve heard these questions before. At High Point University we’re all about getting involved, no matter how you choose to do so.

HPU strives to provide a place for everyone as they explore themselves and get involved on campus. We talked with current HPU students, Robin and Charlotte, and asked them to weigh in on their campus involvement, Greek and non-Greek, and what they love about getting involved at HPU!

Robin Bryfogle

HPU Class of 2018

Kappa Delta, Vice President – Finance


What led your decision to go through recruitment and join Greek life at High Point University?

I decided to go through recruitment because while I had enjoyed my first semester at HPU, I felt like something was missing. I met a lot of friends my first semester by living in the Women’s Complex, but I felt that I was missing a group of people that I belonged to. I wanted to feel a part of people who shared the same purpose and sought the same things. I felt that if I found this, HPU would feel even more like home. Seeing all of the sororities host philanthropy events, walk around in their letters, get lunch together in the Farmer’s Market and so on seemed like so much fun, and something that I wanted to join in on. I felt that Greek life would be the perfect balance between being a part of something that makes a difference on campus, but also something fun to take away from the stress of classes.


Did you choose HPU knowing you’d want to be in Greek life? 

No. I remember coming to HPU and butchering the names of all the Greek organizations on campus, because I knew nothing about Greek life. I didn’t know that each organization had an executive council or that they support philanthropies or even the pronunciation of their names.  I didn’t know any of the reputations or values of the organizations coming on to HPU’s campus, and honestly I didn’t go out of my way to find out. I simply observed the organizations around campus trying to find out more about each one.


How are you involved in your sorority? How has that shaped you and given you positive experiences at HPU?

I serve as Kappa Delta’s Vice President of Finance. A few months ago if you would have asked me to describe my leadership skills, I would have stated that I am a ‘worker bee’ by nature. I always felt very comfortable being behind the scenes and carrying out the instructions of others. However, at the insistence of my closest friends I ran for an executive council position. Managing an entire organization’s funds and keeping track of each member’s financial status within the organization requires a lot of management and people skills. So far this experience has significantly increased my leadership skills and my comfort level as a leader simply because I have no other choice but to step up when an issue arises.


Are you happy with your college experience with Greek life at HPU?

Greek life was the perfect solution for me when wanted to get involved on campus. Greek life has awarded opportunities to meet the most incredible girls on our campus. The bond that I share with this group of women on campus is unparalleled. My sisters are involved all around campus and we’re always sharing opportunities with each other whether that’s internship connections or how to gain a leadership position on campus! I’ve had my best college experiences with my KD sisters on Bid Day, Derby Day or even just going to the Extraordinaire Cinema on campus. People say “you meet your best friends in college” and “it’s the best time of your life” and going Greek made that a reality for me.


Would you consider HPU a Greek based school?

I would consider HPU a Greek based school. We are a relatively small school, but our Greek chapter sizes are large compared to other schools of comparable size. Greek life contributes a lot to our campus by holding events that are well attended by the entire school population and also by contributing to the community.



Charlotte Thompson

Entrepreneurship Club, Co-President

College Life

2017 Business Plan Competition Winner


Was there a particular reason you chose not to join Greek life?

I didn’t join Greek life my freshman year because I didn’t feel like I knew enough about it to be a part of it. Greek life is also a major time commitment that I was not willing to give, so I looked for ways to get involved on campus. We have more than 100 university sponsored clubs, plus intramural and club sports – there’s plenty to do!


Did you choose HPU knowing you would not participate in Greek life?

When I decided to come to HPU, I thought I might join a sorority, but I wasn’t completely sure. My dad was in a fraternity when he was in college, but my mom was not in a sorority. From my parents I could see both sides of Greek life and knew I didn’t have to choose one way or the other in order to be involved and happy with my college experience.


How are you involved on campus?

I got involved in clubs, such as the Entrepreneurship Club and College Life. I also go to a lot of campus events, which keep me busy, involved and constantly meeting new people. Building friendships with people from my dorm, at events, in my classes and at club meetings has helped me find new things to do, people to spend time with and things be involved with on campus. Recently, I became President of the Entrepreneurship Club as well as won our annual HPU Business Plan Competition. I pitched my business idea in front of students and judges and now I’m moving forward with my plan! Being President of a club that fosters the entrepreneurial spirit and arranges innovative speakers for students has been so rewarding and I have made life-long friends as well as acquired business communication skills.


Are you happy with your college experience at HPU and do you feel involved on campus?

Yes definitely! I personally know at least 70% of the people on campus, and I have a lot of friends. I always feel included and like I belong here. For me, choosing to not be a part of Greek life was better. Instead of being in one sorority, I have time to be close with girls in all of the different sororities!


Would you consider HPU a Greek based school?

I wouldn’t consider HPU a Greek based school. I think people can be involved with Greek life without actually being in a sorority or fraternity. Many of my friends are in Greek organizations, so I go to a lot of Greek events with them. I have gone to Greek formals and date parties. So, in a way I am still involved in Greek life without actually being in a sorority. I have friends that are devoted to Greek life and some that have no interest in it at all – it is a personal choice based on what your needs and desires are. If you put yourself out there, you will find your niche.


40% of High Point University students are involved in Greek life. Greek organizations provide unparalleled opportunities for leadership development, scholastic engagement and lifelong friendships and connections. Greek students are outstanding models in the classroom, on the playing field and amongst other clubs and organizations on campus. Greeks are also involved on campus as University Ambassadors, Division I athletes, Resident Assistants, Peer Mentors, Campus Activity Team members, Presidential Scholars and participants in APO, our organization that is dedicated solely to service projects. Currently there are 16 chartered Greek organizations on campus. For more information about Greek Life, click here.


Greek life isn’t your only way to get involved. High Point University has more than 100 interest groups and chartered organizations on campus. Interest groups and clubs span across several categories, including: academic, class officers, cultural, general interest, honor societies, performing arts, political interest, religious and service. In addition to interest groups and chartered organizations, HPU is home to 17 clubs sports and 14 intramural sports. Currently, 530 HPU students participate in club sports and 1,207 students participate in intramural sports. There are endless ways to be involved on campus! For more information about clubs, click here For more information about intramural and clubs sports, click here

Kit D’Anthony ’18