Apr 19th, 2017

What’s a Student Success Coach

Don’t miss out on this invaluable resource offered at HPU! 

One of the main reasons I chose High Point University is because the staff strive to provide opportunities for every student. An amazing part of my freshman year was getting to build a relationship with my success coach.

“Success Coaches are responsible for providing appropriate academic and transitional support to first-year students applicable to all aspects of the student’s life tasks: academic, personal, social, and career. They are here to assist you in this transition to college life.  Your Success Coach will serve as your academic advisor for the first year and is assigned based on academic major.”

The Flanagan Center for Student Success in located in Cottrell Hall

Having a student success coach specifically chosen for you because of your potential major is one of the most priceless aspects of High Point University. I remember meeting my student success coach during my Summer orientation- her energy and passion were so contagious! I knew I was in the right place.

Coming in as a freshman, I wasn’t positive what classes to take, nor did I know the professors in my major. I also didn’t realize that there were so many ways to get involved around High Point University’s campus. Did you know we have 100+ clubs? Your student success coach serves as your mentor, your confidant, and your connection to everything HPU! I was able to meet professors in my business major, learn about clubs to join, like Sales Club, and know exactly what classes would be the best fit for me.

These coaches aren’t just there for you as a freshman, but remain a resource throughout your college career. I maintained my relationship with my student success coach, and she recommended me to become an HPU ambassador. Remember when you were driven around on a golf cart on your tour? Your student success coach can recommend you to have that job!

Career Advisor, Doug Hall, welcoming new students to HPU’s campus on move in day

When we asked student success coach Brit Carl why having a student success coach makes such a difference, she said: 

The student success program at HPU is designed to enable students to succeed as freshmen. We are solely dedicated to making their transition a smooth one from high school to college! We encourage incoming students to ask questions and advocate for themselves. We help them find their people and find their niche.

Likewise, Coach Doug Hall, Career Advisor, encourages students to“be transparent” and “lean on their coach.” He talked about how the culture at HPU is genuine, and the success coaches are there to help you succeed.

Lights in the Flanagan Center for Student Success

As a current junior at HPU, I couldn’t agree more. Make connections! You’re about to have the greatest four years of your life discovering who you want to become and meeting amazing people along the way.

To find out more about the student success program at High Point University, visit:


Kit D’Anthony ’18