Jul 08th, 2022

8 Reasons to Visit High Point University’s Campus

There are some great reasons to visit High Point University in person. While you can take a virtual tour, visiting in person if you’re able can give you additional information and detail. You’ll experience what it feels like to be on campus, and gain value and knowledge you can use to make an informed decision.

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If you’re not sure about taking a tour in person, you’ll want to know why you should come to campus and check it out. Here are eight great reasons to make an in-person visit for your campus tour.

Reason 1: You Can See All the Beauty the Campus Has to Offer

High Point University has a beautiful campus, where you can explore the grounds, check out all the buildings, and see what the dorms and dining hall are like. You’ll get the chance to experience the campus with classes in session, so you get a true feel for the day-to-day life there.

With gardens, community events and happenings, and plenty of interactive opportunities, you can see why High Point is a great school with a lot to offer. When you visit a college you’re interested in, you want to make the most of your campus tour. Make sure you’re prepared by taking notes and pictures on the tour.

Then you can refer to them later, and ask any follow-up questions you have. With plenty of notes and some good pictures, you’ll remember all the wonderful experiences you had on campus, too.

Reason 2: You Can Check Out High Point’s Commitment to Health and Wellness

At High Point, the availability of recreation and wellness activities is something we prioritize for our students. We know that a healthy body supports a healthy mind. We have a variety of exercise equipment, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis and pickleball courts, swimming pools, and various workout classes ranging from yoga to kickboxing cardio. We even have an outdoor ropes course and Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatic workouts.

Many of our residence halls have their own individual workout areas so that access to exercise equipment is never far away. 

Reason 3: You Can Explore the Lush Beauty of the Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

Wondering what to wear to a college visit? Choose something that keeps you comfortable both indoors and out. That way you can explore all the beautiful areas on campus and immerse yourself in the experience. 

With the beauty of High Point’s arboretum & botanical gardens, you’ll get lost in the flowers and plants of nearly 30 different gardens. There are topiary, sculpture, and lakeside options, along with other types to explore. If you have an interest in plants, or you just want to stop and smell the flowers, our campus is a great place to visit.

Reason 4: You Can Learn About How High Point Values Life Skills in Education

Life skills are a huge part of the educational experience. At High Point, we want to make sure you get the value of life skills all throughout your education. One of those skills is being prepared for what comes next.

You can use our college tour checklist to get ready for your visit, so you can make the most of your college tour experience with us. A college visit checklist makes a big difference in getting your questions addressed.

Do college tours cost money is a common question, and the answer is no, in the sense that High Point doesn’t charge for their campus tours. Depending on where you are traveling from, though, you may have some expenses related to your college visits. Planning for all the travel and other needs during college campus visits is an important part of being prepared to start your educational journey.

Reason 5: You Can Experience the Strength and Community of Religious Life

Part of the experience of High Point is the religious aspect that’s part of your educational life here. The Hayworth Chapel is the starting point for religious information and gathering. You can visit it during your college campus tour, and get to know some of the people who spend time there.

Whether you want to spend time in religious instruction, or simply want to visit the chapel on your own time, it’s a must-see building during your college tour. We work hard to make sure you receive a quality, extensive education at High Point, and we want you to explore all the opportunities we have for you.

Reason 6: You Can Check Out What’s Happening All Around Campus

College campus visits are for more than just finding out about classes. You can also get information about clubs, activities, sports, and more. There’s so much going on at High Point, all throughout the year.

If you want to be a part of something more and get involved in more than just the classroom, university tours can help you do that. We can answer your specific questions and help you focus on more detailed interests, to show you what you can really expect from coming to us for your educational goals.

Reason 7: You Can Plan to Take Part In Community Events and Experiences

High Point gives back to the community, with events where you can be of service to others. If you want to experience the joy of helping other people, and being a bigger part of your community, this is a great place to be. On your college campus tours, you can ask all the questions you have about getting involved, so you’ll be ready when you enroll.

University tours are designed to give you an overall feel for the experience, not just show you what you would receive for educational coursework. Community giving and support is a big part of High Point, and we can spend part of your tour talking about all the ways you can get involved.

Reason 8: You Can Sample Our Quality Dining Options

Food isn’t the biggest part of getting an education, but you need good quality nutrition to fuel your learning. High Point understands that, and we offer plenty of great food for you to enjoy. We’ll provide you with a meal during your tour, so you can see what’s offered and the kinds of options you might like best.

How long are college tours is a common question we get, and the answer is that it varies. It’s mostly up to you because we can be flexible and meet your schedule. If you have a lot of questions or need additional information, we want to be sure to provide it. We also get asked about how to sign up for college visits, which is quick and easy by filling out a simple form.

Being prepared for your visit is the single best thing you can do when you visit us. If you’re focused on learning and understand the main points of how to visit a university, you can get the knowledge and information you want during your tour. That helps you think carefully about your academic future, and decide whether High Point is going to be right for you.