Jul 22nd, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Touring High Point University

When you decide it’s time for a college tour, you want to make the most of it. From setting up a campus tour to what to wear to a college visit, you’ll have questions. While it seems really simple, you’ll need to be prepared so you can find out all the details.

That preparation helps you get your questions answered, and see if the college you’re touring is the right fit for you. It’s much better to discover a bad fit on the tour than after you apply, get accepted, and start attending classes. Here’s everything you need to know, for your tour of High Point.

You Can Get a Personalized Tour Option

Taking a personalized tour can be a great way to relax and enjoy the tour itself. Many college tours are chaotic because you are lumped in with big groups of people. All of you will be taken from one area to another. You’ll get brief information, and then move to the next area.

That doesn’t really give you answers, and can seem like a whirlwind experience that leaves you feeling unsatisfied. University tours don’t have to be like that, though. At High Point, you can have a personalized tour.

It’s more relaxed, and you can ask one-on-one questions about every place you visit. Not only does that give you more information, but it’s easier to remember the information because you aren’t stressed and rushed.

You won’t be asked to pay anything to tour High Point, and you’ll be provided with a meal during your tour, as well. After a college tour at High Point, you’ll be prepared to make a knowledgeable decision about your academic future.

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You Can Tour the Campus Virtually

College campus visits aren’t always in person. That’s an option, of course, but you can also tour High Point virtually. It’s understandable that not everyone wants to be around a lot of strangers right now.

We make it easy for you to tour the campus in person or online. That way, you can get your college campus tour completed in a way that works for you. There’s no fee for the tour either way, and we can work around your schedule.

You Can Take a Lot of Pictures

College visits can feel overwhelming, and one of the ways you can remember things later is to take pictures. As you move through any college campus tours, be sure you take pictures of anything you want to know more about. That can be signs or plaques you want to read, or something you need to ask questions about at a later date.

Taking pictures helps your brain remember details, and can keep you engaged in the tour. When you snap a picture and keep moving, you’ll have the info you need for later, and won’t get distracted in the moment. That’s a great way to have a comprehensive experience.

Good Preparation is the Key to a Good Visit

Being prepared is one of the best things you can do when it comes to touring High Point. You’ll likely still have questions, or remember something later that you wanted to ask about. But the higher your level of preparation, the better your visit will be.

Have a List of Questions Ready

As you get ready for your tour of High Point, make sure you use our college tour checklist to get a lot of your questions answered. Then you’ll know what else you want to ask. You may also have follow-up questions on some of the areas that were covered.

When you have a college visit checklist and a plan for follow-up questions, you’ll be a lot more likely to feel satisfied at the end of the tour. The more you know, the more easily you can make an informed decision about attending a particular school.

Be Sure to Take Good Notes

Along with taking pictures, you can take notes to help you remember specific details. Whether you tap them out on your phone or use a voice reminder, notes are very helpful. They’re excellent for follow-up questions and can help later when you’re comparing any other colleges you’ve toured.

As you take your notes, be sure to add any important details that stand out about your visit. That will help you remember why you had questions, or what you liked best when you explored the campus. High Point is always happy to answer questions about your experience, even if you’ve already completed your tour and think of something else you want to know.

Not only will preparation make you feel more confident, but you’ll be less likely to forget important questions you want to ask. That makes it easier for you to have all your needed information in one place, as you make a decision about High Point for your educational needs. The right preparation and a quality college tour can have you feeling ready to move forward, and more focused on a higher level of success.