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B.A. Spanish

Program Overview

The Spanish Department at High Point University helps students develop the skills needed for a successful professional career, both domestic and abroad. The program provides students an in-depth look into the Spanish-speaking cultures of Spain, Latin America and the United States.

A Focused Curriculum

The Spanish program at High Point University is committed to helping students develop the skills needed for effective communication in Spanish. The faculty uses Spanish in class, creating a natural environment in which students hear, speak, read and write Spanish. The faculty has been intentional in creating an up-to-date curriculum. Students move from language courses that help them develop the skills needed for effective communication to content-based courses.

Our professors strive to prepare students to be effective members of the global community by helping them develop an international outlook. Therefore, the study of culture is emphasized throughout the curriculum. Once the students have acquired their language skills, the curriculum moves to preparing students for careers in the international arena, while giving them a solid foundation in the cultures of the Hispanic world.

In addition to traditional courses in literature, conversation, grammar, reading, composition and civilization, students can take courses in film, current events, business Spanish and Spanish for the medical professions. In all of the courses, instructors incorporate a wide variety of technologies.


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