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B.A. Philosophy

Program Overview

What is reality? What is the meaning of life? What makes something good or bad, right or wrong, beautiful or ugly? These are some of the perennial questions philosophers pursue. The Philosophy major at High Point University asks students to critically examine their own values and challenges them to think, communicate, and act as responsible global citizens in the 21st century. We hope that the major will empower students to construct responsible, fulfilling, and intentional lives.


A Focused Curriculum

The Philosophy major encompasses a balanced curriculum covering all the traditional areas of philosophic inquiry and is built around five core history courses: Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Contemporary Continental Philosophy, and Contemporary Anglo-American Philosophy. These courses serve as the foundation for the study of ethics, political philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, logic, critical thinking, and aesthetics. The department has a wealth of offerings in ethics, including courses in environmental, social, family, bio-medical and business ethics, and regularly teaches two graduate courses in the professional ethics.

The courses in ethics address the impact of value-claims on the social, political, and religious communities in Western society as well as the impact of those claims within the global community. Because a Philosophy major requires only 36 hours to complete, it also serves as a popular double major. The department emphasizes critical thinking throughout its courses and offers two logic courses. The symbolic logic course is especially popular with students preparing to take graduate entrance exams in a variety of disciplines.

Philosophy professors at High Point University are both academically and professionally qualified. They hold advanced degrees from: Duke, Harvard, Emory, the University of California at Riverside, and Notre Dame.

Faculty areas of expertise include the History of Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Eastern Religions, Metaphysics, Logic, and Business, Family, Environmental, Bio-medical, Christian, and Social Ethics.


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