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B.A. French

Program Overview

“The foreign language department is amazing at fulfilling the ‘extraordinary’ standards at High Point University with many courses and incredible professors to educate us on areas elsewhere in this world.”

– Claire Allison, 2013 graduate

French is a world language, spoken and studied on every continent. The major in French and Francophone Studies at High Point University helps you discover the cultures of France and of French-speaking areas around the world, including North Africa, West Africa, Québec, the Caribbean, Belgium, Switzerland, Southeast Asia.

Students may spend a semester studying French language and culture at the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris or studying business at the Ecole Supérieur de Commerce in Pau in the South of France. Students may also take a summer program with an internship in Marseilles or Dijon.

A Focused Curriculum

High Point University’s French department is committed to helping students develop the skills needed for effective communication in the French culture. Instructors use French in class, creating a natural environment in which students hear, speak, read and write French. The department strives to prepare students to be effective members of the global community by helping them develop an international outlook.

The study of culture is emphasized throughout the curriculum. Instruction incorporates a variety of technologies, including off-satellite programming (such as news broadcasts and documentaries) in French, use of the Internet, films and other video components. The French instructors have been intentional in creating an up-to-date curriculum that prepares students for careers in the international arena, while giving them a solid foundation in the language and cultures of France and the francophone world. In addition to the traditional courses in literature, conversation, grammar, reading and civilization, students can take courses in film, current events and business French.

Students also have the opportunity to take courses focusing on France and the Muslim world, as well as West Africa and the Caribbean. Students can also take a course in which they analyze visual texts and learn to create their own visual texts.


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