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B.A. in French & Francophone Studies

“On the French maymester, I realized that what we learned in class truly applies to French citizens today. One of my favorite assignments was to interview a resident of Saint Malo. My group chose to talk to a waitress about stereotypes and how mistaken others can be about a culture.”-

– Isabella Diez, Class of 2019

In High Point University’s French program, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue your passion for French through communicative courses on campus, in collaboration with your peers in French related student clubs and activities, and abroad through study in a semester or year-long program in a Francophone country or on a faculty-led trip during the month of May. The curriculum allows students to develop their fluency in speaking, reading, and writing French as they learn more about the countries and cultures that make up the Francophone world. In addition to courses that focus on grammar and composition, students explore a wide variety of topics, including translation, French culture and politics today, French history, contemporary film, creative writing in French, and the rich culture of French comics and graphic novels. Paired with their proficiency in the French language, this course of study provides students with a more nuanced understanding of the Francophone world and offers them access to a more complex and more fulfilling interaction with native speakers of French across the globe. Many students combine their major or minor in French with another course of study, including International Business, International Relations, Communications, and Psychology, among others. By majoring or minoring in French, you’ll be part of a rich multilingual community that values cultural exchange, diversity, and global community.

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Why major in French?

French is the only language spoken on every continent other than English and is spoken by more than 274,000,000 people worldwide. France is the world’s fifth largest economy, the third-ranking destination for foreign investment, and is ranked as the most important business language after English and Chinese. Indeed, the United States exports to more countries where French is a national language than to countries with any other national language. French has long been recognized as the language of fine cuisine, fashion, and the fine arts, is the second-most taught language after English across five continents, and has long been the language of diplomacy, as it is among the primary languages of the U.N., the E.U., U.N.E.S.C.O., and N.A.T.O. In addition to the documented salary increase learning French can bring, translation and interpretation are among the top five fastest growing careers.
In addition to introductory and intermediate language classes that focus on preparing students for the interactions and conversations they’ll have in everyday life, HPU offers a streamlined and modernized curriculum to challenge students to think carefully and critically about cultures, legacies, history, and literature. French majors and minors at High Point University benefit from small class sizes, increased personal attention from faculty, and a curriculum that seeks to prepare them equally for the workplace as for graduate study. Moreover, the French program fosters a strong sense of community – one of the most frequently cited strengths of the program by former students.

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